About Us

Hi. Welcome to Vintage Rose Wraps

We are sisters, Katie and Ginny with a love of fabric and a desire to create.

We are mothers to 5 children each and spouses to some pretty amazing guys. We are business owners who work hard and dream big.

We love food almost as much as family, and going out as much as staying in. We believe every good day starts and ends with giving thanks, and that it’s absolutely necessary to lather our babies with the best lotion after bath time.

We grew up in the city but spent weekends in the country. We love modern as much as vintage and new as much as old. And we think there’s no greater smell in the world than that of clean laundry or a home cooked meal on the table for our families.

Thanks for stopping by a little part of our world. 

Come visit us at www.thevintagemother.com to find out what our greatest passion is and how we roll. 


We’re lucky to have three fabulous ladies helping us along with our sewing helpers. Chances are you’ll speak with Sandra, Aubrey, or Lisa when you call our office.