Love for your Vintage Rose Wrap

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One of my favorite things I hear from people is how much they love wearing their vintage rose wraps. And if you're like me, there is probably one or two you like to wear more than the others. And with all that wearing, your more "loved" wraps are bound to get a little bit dirty and sort of crinkled at the ends where you tie your knot. Though I have not officially thrown a headwrap in the washer with a load of clothes, a customer of mine did and she said it looked great when she ironed it. But, with the shabby nature of your headband, and with the sometimes mixed fabrics I use in my bands, I would try just a few of these suggestions (submitted by customers themselves!) to help your headband feel good as new.
  • If you head wrap gets dirty, use a warm cloth and a small amount of soap to spot the needed areas. Air dry or use a blow dryer if you're in a hurry. For white or cream flowers, Tide on the go or tide detergent can also be used to spot wash and spruce it up.
  • For crinkled ends where you tie your headband, you can always use an iron--but I know a whole family of girls who told me they use their flat irons to smooth out the edges of their headbands before putting them on. This is my favorite tip and I've totally put it to good use.
  • For loose strings or frayed edges, clip when needed. Your headband will likely NOT unravel because of the stitched edge that works to stop more fraying.

If you have any other suggestions that might be helpful that you'd be willing to share, please feel free to leave a comment for the bunch!

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