Apricot Lane Love

It all started with Kimberly and Wendy in Louisville, Kentucky.  My Vintage Rose Wraps caught their eye and they thought they'd give them a try.  The first day, they sold 14.  So exciting!  Then one thing led to another--and well, the rest is history.  Four Apricot Lanes are now selling them.  It is very exciting to be a part of such a hip and happening boutique--and even more exciting that these stores see the potential in these awesome headbands and are selling them like crazy.  Thank you Kimberly and Wendy!  I truly think it's a match made in heaven! { I can't wait to meet you someday.}

The four Apricot Locations selling Vintage Rose Wraps are:

{Louisville, Kentucky}
{Branson, Missouri}
{Kansas City, Missouri}
{Indianapolis, Indiana}

{Apricot Lane | Kansas City, Missouri}

If you have an Apricot Lane in your area and would like for me to contact them about carrying my headbands, let me know {and let them know, too!}  Tell them "www.vintagerosewraps.com"

Go to: http://www.apricotlaneusa.com/ and look under Store Locations to see if there is one nearby.

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  1. I love our new additions to our hair! They are so cute... I have been meaning to ask you about the blond girl in your header. She looks exactly like a friend of mine's daughter, Lydia. Just wondered if it's the same person. I guess I could ask my friend too :) I'm just curious...

  2. Hey Drey! She was my photographer friend's neighbor or something. I don't even know her name...but she SURE IS CUTE! :)

    So glad you like the headbands!