The second I met Haleigh Rohner of Haleigh Rohner Photography, I liked her instantly. 
What I didn't know is how much I would love her fabulous talent for taking pictures. 
And when we talked casually about maybe doing a giveaway on her photo blog sometime, 
I didn't realize what a treat was in store! 

Oh my good heavens!  Would you look at these!?!? 


These pictures capture my love for these headbands in every way. 
Wear your hair up.  Wear your hair down. 
Be casual.  Be stunning.
Be hip.  Be humble...all at the same time.

Haleigh--you are a Photographic Rock Star!  Thank you for these fabulous photos and for sharing your amazing talent with me.  {And for the beautiful model that resembles you!} 

To participate in this giveway, visit Haleigh's blog by pressing {HERE}.

To view Haleigh's amazing portfolio and website, press {HERE}
{The little guy all slubbed in front of the yellow background kills me EVERY time}
Ready, Set, GO!

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  1. Awww! Katie, you're too sweet! Love you to pieces! Thanks for giving me such fun things to photograph :) P.S. The model is my little sis :) Isn't she a stunner!