Sublime September

sublime: awakening or expressing the emotion of awe, adoration, veneration--said of an impressive object in nature...of a work of art, of a spectacle, etc.; Elevated by joy; elate.
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We couldn't have been more elated with everyone that came to Swiss Days!  We were so excited to see so many good customers come pick from our great selection.  Thank you to all who came and to the many who found us for the first time!  We were happy to meet so many new vendor friends as well and we look forward to those relationships being developed in the future.

September is off to a great start and "sublime" would be the best word to describe the wonderful, full month we have planned.  We are grateful to be a part of so many impressive spectacles this month-- and we are in awe with the fantastic venues we are able to sell our headbands.

Check back often to see where we'll be during Sublime September.

Second up this September is the:

Rediculously Fabulous Boutique

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 9th (10am-10pm)
FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 10th (10am-10pm)
SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 11th (10am-6pm)

1458 North Higley Road
Gilbert, Arizona

{Southwest corner of Higley and Baseline}

This is one of my most favorite boutiques of all time and you will not want to miss it!

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