It's true.  I do.

I'd ran across her blog several times, but it wasn't until last year at a boutique that I met her.

Kim--the amazingly talented creator of The TomKat Studio walked right up to me with a smile and said, "So you're the one with the headbands...Good job!"  She handed me her card and said, "I'd love to feature you sometime!"  She'd watched me survive one of the craziest weekends of my life.  I sold out in just a few short hours--had gone home and stayed up much of the night to have enough to sell at the boutique the next morning.   

It was a scenario destined to happen, because I just can't get enough of Kim, and her awesome assistants, Andrea and Toni {below} and all the amazing good and wonderful things they do!  Not to mention, the wonderful, good people they are!  It has been a joy to get to know them--even collaborate on a few things  {more to come} and genuinely call them all friends.

{Andrea and Toni}

The TomKat Studio is hosting a giveaway for our headbands until tomorrow evening.  Go to the post found {HERE} and get a chance to win either a {$50} gift certificate to spend online at www.vintagerosewraps.com or one of three headbands picked out by TomKat themselves. 

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