Picture Perfection {Jessica Paxson Photography}

To say that we love these pictures from Jessica Paxson of Jessica Paxson Photography would be the understatement of the year.  Truth is, we are so enamored with her talent and goodness--we don't even know where to start.  I can't tell you how long I've been sitting on these pictures. I haven't known how to best present them and give Jessica the credit and "gushing" she deserves.

  First, let me say that every interaction with this woman has been so genuine and heartfelt.  You can tell from her "ABOUT ME" section on her website {HERE} that she lives her life grateful for all the good in it.  And this goodness--I must say--can be felt in every picture I've ever seen from her.  She puts her heart into what she does, and this translates to be a WHOLE lotta fantastic picture taking.  

We'll call it picture perfection--but we'll let you decide for yourself.     

Thank you, Jessica--for sharing your talent and goodness and with the world, and for loving our headbands so much.  We think all of these sessions were picture perfect.  

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  1. Katie!! I'm dying over these photos!! Absolutely gorgeous! I can see why you're swooning over Jessica Paxson - she did an incredible job! xo