VRW Video Photo Shoot: SHOPPING WITH FRIENDS {Andrea Whittle Photography}

These girls had never seen each other but they sure acted like they were BFF's!  I loved our "Shopping with Friends" Photo shoot because it took place at one of the first stores that ever carried our product. They believed in us from the beginning so it was only natural we traveled back to Designer Blvd. here in Gilbert to showcase these girls going into a store to purchase our headbands.  We love Designer Blvd and all they great things they carry!  Love shopping there when I'm on the lookout for a special gift. 

Our headbands are sold all over the country and proudly made in the USA. We love our stores and the every day gal who walks into one and falls in love for the first time. 

Thank you to these three darling girls her were absolutely perfect!  To Andrea Whittle who did an amazing job with these photos.  To Designer Blvd for letting us come into film, Layered-Tee for the t-shirt extensions, and Horsefeathers Gifts for some of the jewelry!    

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