VRW Video Photo Shoot: TIKI HUT + POOL PARTY {Jamie Lynn Photography}

The shoot was SO MUCH FUN!  

These girls were all pros and had self confidence to boot!  I was so impressed by every single one of them.    What a fine group of young lades. They were gorgeous, and classy and so much fun to work with!  

This pool is a friends of ours.  I would die to have a pool like this!  Thank you to the Jorgensen's for letting us to shoot there! 

Chris--our Videographer from Christopher Leigh Studios got IN the water just to snag a few great shots.  The results were pretty awesome in the video.  I was SO impressed.  And I love that Jamie Lynn caught it on camera!  

And thank you again to Kim from The TomKat Studio for donating our party straws and hanging decorations! 

Love all of you ladies! 

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