Deja Vu Consignment & Boutique

Vintage Rose Wraps can now be found at Deja Vu Consignment & Boutique here in Gilbert, Arizona! Who would have thought such a cute store would be right next to my dentist? When my family was getting their teeth checked the other day, I peeked in the window and saw some super great things in there. {Loads of jewelry, bags, aprons, hair accessories and second-spin clothing}...but it was 8:30 a.m. and it wasn't open yet for the day. I'd have to go another time when it was open and I didn't have any "extra special helpers" with me.

So that made it all the more fun when I got a call from Elaine, the super fashionable store owner of Deja Vu who wanted to sell my headbands in her store! It was so fun going there and getting to know her just a little bit. She is about as nice and cute as they come! So glad to know such a great little shop is right around the corner from me. I will definitely be going there in the future! Go check it out!

Deja Vu Consignment & Boutique
1534 East Ray Road
Gilbert, Arizona
{NW Corner of Val Vista and Ray}
{480} 726-3900

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