Going Crazy and Loving It...

I'm back on the sewing machine and working like crazy for this weekend! Can't wait for the Ridculously Fabulous Boutique on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. My house is a mess {as you can see by this pile of scraps on my floor that I have yet to clean up!} These are just a portion of the color combinations I'll have there. I found some new great fabs that I just can't wait to put together. They're perfect for you, your daughters, your nieces, and friends....your sisters, your sisters-in-law, and maybe even your MOM! {Can you believe I actually sold some to two granny friends at the last show? They put them on right then and there and looked SO CUTE!} I was skeptical myself, but I wish I'd had a camera because they really looked great! Also, I'll have some other great gifts available for purchase that you won't want to miss out on! Gourmet {already packaged and ready to be gifted} popcorn, and my favorite...Chocolate covered gummy bears which are divine. Really. They are. I love them, dearly... Also, other great gifts for neighbors, teachers, co-workers, and church friends. Like "Magical Service Stars" {one of my favorite family traditions during Christmas}, little "Home for the Holiday" cookbooks with a collection of my favorite recipes--It's worth buying just for the Romaine Salad with Pink Creamy Dressing and Best Dinner Rolls Recipe. And I hope to have a few other creations available as well. Like some {Vintage Photo Plaques} and {Framed Fabric Designs} that are to DIE FOR! Hope to see you there. And if I'm not there, I'm home taking care of my kiddos for a bit. Remember there's a central check out {ACCEPTING CREDIT CARDS} so you don't even have to worry about cash or checks! See you soon!


  1. goodness katie - you are busy! send some of that great stuff up with the headwraps. (seriously if you have anything left over from all the other boutiques) now i'm craving chocolate gummi bears! hopefully, somewhere in this crazy time - you can relax and enjoy your family :)