I *Think* I Survived...

Well...I think I made it through another boutique...To be totally honest--half way through the thing--I wasn't sure if I would! HOLY COW!

This is how everything went down. Thursday evening, boutique opens, and my vintage rose wraps sell like C-R-A-Z-Y! I go home that evening and sew, sew, sew like mad so I would have enough for the two remaining days of the boutique. I thought, "Oh, there's no way I'll need as many...everyone probably came the first night so they could get the best selection of things. There's no way I'll sell out of these things again!" OH WAS I WRONG! Friday and Saturday meant for some out-of-control days of me trying to meet the demands of the purchasers. I would come home, sew 35-40 or so, and come back later in the day to meet a swarm of people...some who'd been WAITING for me to return! WHAT? SERIOUSLY? Oh, YAH! AM I SERIOUS! This happened 4 or 5 times...me going home, sewing, and coming back to meet the frenzy of rose-wrap-loving-ladies to get in on the goods! It was unbelievable. I know I could have sold a 100 more if I'd had enough inventory on hand...

The weekend, overall, was amazing...taking out the fact that my super supportive husband was out of town until noon on Saturday, and my 14-month-old had a little fever. {Poor thing!} I have some fantastic friends who came to the rescue to help with the headbands and my baby girl and I want to thank you gals so much for all the love, support and help! {Amie + Amie's Family, Terrie & Melissa} I sure love you gals! Also, I have to say something about the sweet vendor friends across the way from me. I honestly could not have gotten through the weekend without them. They were the cutest, sweetest, hippest {is that a word?} girls on the planet and helped me constantly with everything. I am currently wearing a ring I bought from them and I L-O-V-E it! Check out their blog HERE.

{Above are some of the selection of wraps I had available for purchase}

Thank you so much to everyone who came and bought some! And for those of you who didn't quite find the selection of wraps you wanted I am hoping to offer more vintage rose wraps at another holiday boutique in December sometime. {Keep checking in to see where and when!} Also, I will have a smaller varied selection of my best selling wraps at a little Holiday Open House in Chandler on Tuesday, November 17th. Shop early for the best selection!

Holiday Open House
Tuesday, November 17, 2009
6:30 pm to 9:00 pm

1630 West Prescott Drive
(Enter on Balboa Way, Gate Code #2056)
Chandler, AZ 85248

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  1. Hey Katie!! It's Jana Jackson.. flip flop vendor across the way! You are so sweet! Seriously it was such a pleasure to show everyone your amazing talent!! I bought 8 of your beautiful wraps! My girls and I are thrilled with every one of them! Hope your little one is feeling much better and you are getting much needed sleep! Such a lucky one I am to get to know you! Take care my new friend!See you soon! :)