Looking Back...And Forward

Thank you to everyone who made Vintage Rose Wraps a wild success this year! The boutiques have done better than expected in every way--and the open houses at my home have been wonderful! It has been a pleasure meeting so many of you through the selling of these headbands. My only regret was that I wasn't able to fulfill last minute desires to buy these things before Christmas! I assured my family after the last boutique that the madness would stop so we could enjoy our season. Thank you to my loving hubby and sweet kids for their patience this year, and thank you to all of you whose excitement for these things gives me a lot to look forward to in the coming year.

The new year brings a whole load of opportunities for Vintage Rose Wraps. Please check back in January for a wonderful selection of headbands and for news on where to purchase them.

Wishing you and yours the happiest of holidays and a "vintagy, yet fresh--hip, yet humble" new year.


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  1. Ok Katie, I never got to that boutique to buy me one of your awesome wraps. I think that you need to get them into a brick and mortar store in Salt Lake. I don't go to Utah county EVER! =) They would fit right in at Hip and Humble. Have you ever thought of that?