Notice Anything Different?

Look a little closer...a little closer...yep, that's right! No frayed edges. I'm super excited about my latest stash of headbands and even more excited about how nice these edges turned out! I thought I'd try a little something new and I couldn't be more pleased. Why the change? I liked the thought of making a more enduring product that would last over time--after tying it over and over again, it will be nice to have something stand the test of time. And well, I think you'll notice how much more sturdy the headbands are with a finished edge. So, I can't wait to hear what you think.

I have over 20 combinations of headbands right now and many to choose from. I get many calls and emails from women wanting to know how to order them. Right now the best way is to do just that...call or email! But look towards the end of January/early February to buy directly off this site! Stay tuned!

Also, don't forget if you are living in Arizona's East Valley, you can go to the "Itsa Girl Thing Boutique" or "Deja Vu Consignment & Boutique" anytime to pick up your wraps. They're both getting new stashes tomorrow!

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