PHOTO SHOOT | Laura Winslow Photography

We are still *SWOONING* over this fantastic photo shoot with the amazing Laura from Laura Winslow Photography we had in January.  It was such a privilige to watch this woman in action!  She was cool and collected-- and strikingly calming to watch as she naturally went about finding the right light to compliment everything.

I still can't stop looking at the pictures...the colors...the models!

I love how each of these gorgeous gals wore our headbands with such style, and confidence and grace.  They brought meaning to our occasional tagline:  vintagy, yet fresh | hip, yet humble.  These fine young women were such gems--ALL OF THEM, and it was so fantastic meeting them, and watching Laura pull their personalities out in these pictures!

Thank you also to Carol and Brittany at Designer Blvd. for dressing all our models with their amazing clothing--and for being so gracious to let us "have at it". :) Thanks also to What's Your Virtue Lip Bliss for coming and participating in the fun with their unbelievable lip gloss.  Didn't their gloss help make the pictures?
And lastly, to the amazing stylist, Traci Rogers for making our models looks fabulous!  Love love love her! 


  1. Katie, I am absolutely in love with these photos!! Gorgeous girls, gorgeous wraps, gorgeous everything!

  2. Gorgeous! Love all the pics! Great Job!

  3. Such beautiful ladies, photos and pieces!! That must have been a crazy fun shoot! Love your "Vintage Rose Wraps" sign too. :-)

  4. how cute, just learned about your wraps!
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  5. I cannot wait to have some of these wrap for myself and my baby girls!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE!!!!!

  6. Oops...part of my message was erased. The pictures, clothing and girls are all beautiful! Thanks for sharing!