Itching for Summer {Free Spirit Foto}

We're itching for summer around here.  It's nearing the end of the school year which means end-of-year programs, award ceremonies, and gifts for teachers.  It also means a change of pace--{SUMMER!} which is time for togetherness, for imaginations to flow freely and for opportunities to make memories. 

We recieved these fabulous images from Sherina Welch with Free Spirit Foto in Houston, Texas and they're seeping with all the fantastic memories, senses, and feelings of what the summer months bring. 

I love the wonder, playfulness, the solitude, the togetherness, the discovery, and the honesty of these photos. 

And of course, I love that this sweet girl is wearing a Vintage Rose Wrap!  :)

Check out Free Spirit Foto.  This gal just might be able to catch these same feelings of summer for you.


  1. adorable pictures! she's so cute! I LOVE the wrap she is wearing! which one is it?

  2. Such fun photos. I love the suitcase as a seat and the tent. Darling.

  3. adorable photo shoot! I love that record player too!