Playful Innocence {Hannah Vickers Photography}

Playful Innocence. 

It's what we saw captured in these perfect photos by Hannah Vickers Photography of Abilene, Texas and we love them.  Please check out her fabulous site and amazing talent. 

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My sister/partner and I grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah at the base of the Wasatch Mountains.  We had a summer home in Midway--a quaint little European-like community just 45 minutes through the nearby canyon and up the mountains just a bit.  And though it was our "summer home" we went there almost every weekend--summer, fall, winter, or spring.  But in the summer, we would spend weeks and weeks there--running free and wild--and innocent.

It seems like today there is such a need to capture the beauty and innocence of childhood.  As I watch my children grow older and see them face challenges from an increasingly troubled world, I want to bottle up everything that is good so that I can give it to each of them. That's why we head there--each summer--to Midway.  To let our children run free, wild, and innocent.  So they can get a taste of their own "playful innocence"

And that's why we love these pictures.  Because it reminds of us everything that is good.

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