Much Ado About You

Last fall, I made a friend at a local boutique in our area.  She'd traveled from California to participate and I must admit it was an instant connection.  One of those where you'll know you'll be friends for life! :)  

Emmy is the owner of the amazing shop, Much Ado About You.  Here's how it panned out.

  At first I noticed Emmy and her darling daughter Penelope. {see above}  Can I just tell you, I've never seen a cuter Mama and baby!  Seriously so cute! Right?

We were setting up our booth for the Believe Boutique and I have to admit.  These boutique shows get pretty old after a while and you pretty much just get into a rut with the whole display thing from time to time--especially if you're doing several shows on one weekend!  So we're setting up--like we've done for years now, and well...look what I see setting across from us.

Um yeah.   Sweet Emmy and her amazing booth!  I know....seriously so cute, right?  And then I see what she's selling.  And I must admit, it was love at first sight!

To put it short, thanks to Emmy, I've kept my life pretty well organized with her amazing desk calendar and planner I've used this year.  I am in love with them!  And I have to be in love with my calendar when I have 5 kiddos to keep track of getting here and there, a busy husband, and the blessing of a business. 

So of course, I am ALARMED when I get an email from Emmy that she needs help saving her handmade business.  WHAT?  Just found my favorite calendar and planner and I might not be able to get them in the future?  Oh dear!  

Emmy is amazing.  Her attention to detail is awesome.  Her understanding of what busy moms need in a planner is unmatched.  And I am so excited to tell you about the "Much Ado About You" PRE-SALE and a way you can help to save her handmade business.  

From today, February 29th-March 4th, you can pre-order planners for a discounted rate!  Either August to July Calendars (which I LOVE) or the traditional January-December Calendars (which are great too!) 

Please take a minute and check out her site and order one if this might be something for you!  We love handmade artists and want to keep this one around for as long as we can!     


  1. I received mine the other day and it is beautiful and so well done!