We’re making a video.  We’re pretty excited!
And we just might need YOU to join in on the fun.

Here’s the scoop:

We are looking for models, places, and product that can be available on June 19th and/or 20th for shooting in the East Valley.  Average time of filming will be 2 hours but could vary between 1 and 6.
How to Participate:  There are 3 categories available; PEOPLE, PLACES, PRODUCT.   You may submit info for more than 1 category.  See descriptions below. 

Are you someone or do you know anybody who would love to be a model for our video?   There are lots of opportunities!  Those models selected will get a $100 gift certificate to our website as payment.

Send an image of you/your child/mother etc. to info@vintagerosewraps.com.  Title the email as such:  
VRW PEOPLE {Category 2—or whatever category you fall under} Participant name and age


VRW PEOPLE {Category 1} Violet Vintage, 18

Please note: For most categories we are looking for several participants.  Even though you might only be one person submitting for a particular category, you would need to be comfortable participating with people you don't know.  


{CATEGORY 1} 1 Baby Girl {age range 6 months-3 years}
{CATEGORY 2 } 6-8 Little Girls {age range 4-8}
{CATEGORY 3} 2 Girls {age range 9-12}
{CATEGORY 4} 5 Teenage Girls {age range 13-19}
{CATEGORY 5}  2 Mom/Daughter sets {one little girl and one 14+ girl}
{CATEGORY 6} 2 Women {ages 22-42}
{CATEGORY 7} 2 Middle-Age Women {ages 42-60}


Do you have an awesome bedroom?  It might be famous!   Show us how great it is and send us a picture.  Or are you a party planner and have an upcoming shoot you are working on?  We’d love to have your place or party featured. Submit your ideas!  Those selected will get a $100 gift certificate to our website as payment.

Send an image of your special place to info@vintagerosewraps.com.  Title the email as such: 
VRW PLACE {Category 1} Your Name

{CATEGORY 1} 3-4 Girls Bedrooms (preferably age 10 and up)
{CATEGORY 2} Girls Birthday Party Set-Up


Do you have a product you’d like to donate for our video?  We love vendors and all the amazing things you do.  We’d love to help cross promote you and your business!  It could be anything.  Submit your ideas for a chance for your items to be a part of the action!  

Send an image + description of your product to info@vintagerosewraps.com.  Title the email as such: 
VRW PRODUCT {name of product } Your Name

In the body of the email, please tell us what you'd be willing to donate.  

SUBMISSIONS MUST BE IN NO LATER THAN Tuesday, MAY 29th.  Submissions emailed after the 29th will not be included as a possibility.  Those chosen will be contacted the week of June 5th and final details will be sent at a later date!


  1. I need to get this to my niece Alex she is an aspiring model!!!

  2. I sent in a few, but broke them up by age. :) Thanks!

  3. Wish you were doing this in Utah! Let me know when you do!
    Andrea :)

  4. Just saw this...a day late! My daughter and I both like to sport our wraps, let me know if you are short on submissions and we can whip out some pics. Just posted one of me (in a not so fun spot) on my site today wearing my fave.