Tickled P!NK and something new!

We're still TICKLED P!NK that P!NK was paparrazied with our Vintage Rose Wraps not just for Easter but on Mother's Day too!  Wow, she must really love our headbands!  Problem is, she's wearing the same one!  Doesn't she know we have a bazillion choices to choose from? :)  

We're not exactly sure where this famous singer/songwriter got a hold of one of our wraps, but we like to think she walked into a store in Cali somewhere and picked one up--just cause she liked it!  

This is her on a Mother's Day bike ride with her daughter Willow and Husband, Carey Hart.

And, here are the places she was spotted, Mother's Day!

And here she is on Easter--with baby girl, Willow, husband Corey and that same Vintage Rose Wrap!  "Japanese Garden"

Here's where she can be found online on Easter:

We're not going to lie and tell you that P!NK was our favorite Celebrity Hopeful to be spotted wearing one of our headbands--but we'll take it! ;)  A fellow Facebook fan said it best.  "You know you have an awesome product when PTA Presidents AND P!NK can wear your headbands!"


We still can't believe it and are so happy for what this means for the Vintage Rose Wraps family of stores!  So next time you walk into a store look for our headbands!  You just might spy them. And how will you know it is ACTUALLY a Vintage Rose Wrap?  No second guessing now--You'll know because we now have these.

Our newly labeled VRW's are shipping out to stores as we speak.  
And YES.

We know we should have done this years ago. ;)  


  1. How awesome for you Katie! What a thrill to see your work on a celebrity *and* I love the addition of the new tags!

  2. Pink - I love it! Your head bands are so cute!


    {visiting from AZ Bloggers}